How to Win Playing Online Sicbo Gambling

How to Win Playing Online Sicbo Gambling

This online sicbo game or what is known as this online dice game, is already very well known and popular for casino players. However, some of you may not know this game yet, sicbo game is a dice game that we have to guess the number later.

I will not explain in detail about this online Hongkong Prize gambling game, but I will provide some tips and tricks. Because all gamblers, including myself, definitely want a big win and profit.

Therefore, on this occasion I will also provide some tips that make your winning percentage bigger. Even if you lose, maybe there won’t be much, so keep an eye on this article.

Tips and tricks to win in online Sicbo gambling

The first tip is not to put in the same number, because the possibility that the number that comes out will be the same is very small. The comparison is quite large, so try to use another number.

Try to pay attention to the pattern in the previous game, if indeed the big numbers come out more than 3 times, you can try to install big. Vice versa, if the numbers that come out are small in the previous 3 games, you can install small.

Try to play by guessing 2 dice numbers first, indeed the winning result will not be as big as 3 dice. But with 2 numbers games it will make it easier for you to guess the numbers because the possibilities are only from 2 to 12.

Study the patterns for the last 15 games so we can try to predict the next number that will come out in this online sicbo game. If indeed the last 5-10 games have the same numbers, you can try to use these numbers.

Then try to double the bet if you have won several times, because you could get even bigger wins. But don’t be rash or greedy as this can lead to defeat.

Because every gambler, if he wins, will want to play again because he wants an abundant profit. This thinking is wrong because we might go broke in the next few games if we are careless.

Besides that, losing consecutively makes the gamblers get emotional and keep playing it even though they lose continuously. Avoid this because you need to control your emotions if you are carried away by emotions it will continue to cause losses to bankruptcy.

Try to play triple for the side bet because the multiplication is quite tempting, usually 150x depending on the website. But don’t make the main bet on triple numbers.

What is meant by triple numbers is that you have to be able to guess 3 twin numbers that will come out in this online sicbo game. Easy to understand right? You can already understand the tips and tricks so start applying them in playing.